Leadership Development and Mentorship

Founder Thomas has experiences with leadership development and mentorship from teenagers, to young adults and beyond. We believe and know from experience that the business development journey requires more than a plan or the ability to execute. It requires one to be sound in leadership, management, organizational skills, people management, written and verbal communication, mental wellness, etc. We are results driven and want to help other small business owners establish a similar winning culture and mindset. Every donation will help us get one step closer to the mission!

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Community Engagement

Community Servings Tour

From medically tailored meals, to nutrition services for people with critical & chronic illness, to educational programs, and NIH funded research, they do it all! They serve 2 to 3 thousand families a week, utilizing the efforts of 100 volunteers a day! They do incredible work in the community.

A $30 donation to community servings can provide a week’s worth of food to a critically ill neighbor. Please visit their website here.